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Don't like? Don't read. I just wrote this for fun the day before Valentines Day and thought that some of you guys might enjoy reading it ^^

15 Reasons Why I HATE Valentine's Day

1) It's a day celebrating love.

2) People buy other people cheap, mystery filled chocolates and dying flowers to show their affection.

3) Candy hearts are getting slutty.

4) Love songs are constantly overplayed on the radio stations.

5) Too many rooms are being taken up on the same day.

6) Everywhere you go, things are decorated with red and pink paper cut outs of hearts.

7) Sometimes you'll run across a fat, drunk guy wearing a diaper who wants to shoot you in the ass with an arrow.

8) It overshadows Anna Howard Shaw Day.

9) Too many elementary children are on sugar highs by noon.

10) It's the only day when people actually act nice towards you because they've eaten one too many fun dips.

11) People use the day as an excuse to stay home and eat ice cream while listening to depressing music and reminding yourself that you're once again alone on this stupid day.

12) Lovebird couples flaunt their happiness in front of your face.

13) All the restaurants are always full.

14) If you hate the day then you're screwed because there is no escape from it.

15) It's the only day when people gather up the courage to tell someone that they care about them, when there are 364 other days they had the chance to do the same exact thing.

So why do YOU love or hate Valentines Day?
MrBrechin Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Student Artist
I hate Valentines Day because when I asked a girl in my grade for a piece of chocolate that she was giving everyone, she refused to give me one.
Llamawithacoolhat Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww </3333 *huggles* i'll give you some of my chocolate, Simba <33333333
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February 13, 2012